This website was created by me, Charmaine Rodrigues. I am an ordinary person - just like you. For the first time in my life, I volunteered during the May 2019 election because I have become increasingly concerned about the nasty rhetoric that is becoming the norm  in Australian politics.


Demonising the poor, those on welfare, single mums, gay people, the unemployed, the disabled, refugees and many others - this is not the Australia I grew up in. Not the Australian that I have been so proud of.

I grew up in an Australia where everyone was a mate, and most people would have given you the shirt of their back if they thought you needed it more than them. The politics of division has eroded that social camaraderie.

I want to do something about that. I want to find a way for the silent majority who believe in a kinder, more loving, more tolerant Australia to make our voices heard. Although it sounds small, I want us all to start getting involved in the political conversations around us. I hope this website will help you to do that.

Through this website, i want to encourage you to:


Some of the pages on this site focus on explaining issues and helping you understand what policies are being proposed and what they really mean in practice. I declare at the outset, I am pro-poor, pro-equality, pro-environment and pro-living wage. If you fundamentally disagree with my values, this is probably not the site for you - and thats OK. We can agree to disagree.

This site is for people who already believe that something is broken in our politics and want to do something about changing that.


I want to encourage you all to write to Members of Parliament and of the Senate to let them know how you feel. At the moment, it feels like they only listen to shock jocks, lobbyists and corporate big-wigs. But we vote - and our views should count for something.

So, I have set up this website to share a range of draft letters which i have put together to make it easier for you to write to Australia's politicians and tell them what you think. They are very much draft letters only - a reflection of my views and my ideas, but perhaps a starting point that might make it easier and quicker for you to write yourself. You can download them, fix them to suit yourself, print them, put a stamp on them and SEND THEM!


All parliamentarians are obligated to respond to letters sent to their offices. If you send letter, you are telling them that you cared enough to write - and I hope that enough of us do that together, that our leaders will finally realise that WE are the silent majority. That Aussies who care about other people are theh backbone of this great country and should finally be listened to.

““Reconciliation requires changes of heart and spirit, as well as social and economic change. It requires symbolic as well as practical action.”

– Malcolm Fraser, former Australian PM