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Tips for letter writing

The letters collected together on this page were drafted to help you make a start on letter of your own. Lessons learned from other advocacy efforts indicates that MPs are more likely to take note of letters and emails that are individually-crafted. As such, we encourage you to add a paragraph of your own at the start, explaining who you are and what has made you make the effort to write to them. We want MPs to understand that we are not paid advocates, but just ordinary people who care enough about these issues to get involved.

In pre-internet times, people used to send such letters through the post. If you like to write letters, then please do consider printing your letter out and mailing it to the relevant MP's electorate office, with a copy to their Parliament House office. If you do not have the time or energy to do that, all MPs now have email addresses. We have collected key email address of MPs and Senators on this site to make it easier for you.

In most cases, we encourage you to send your letter to the cross-bench Senators whose votes will be needed by the Morrison Government to pass proposed laws. You should also consider copying your message to your local electorate MP. You can find their contact details on the Australian Parliament list of Members.  In some cases below, we have also suggested specific MPs or Senators whose vote will be particularly crucial.

Template letters

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22 July 2019

19 July marked the six-year anniversary of the Gillard Government reinstating offshore detention of refugees. Since then our offshore detention regime has become increasingly harsh and punitive.

In the least six years, yet 12 refugees have died in Nauru and Manus, a number of female refugees have been raped, and many men, women and children have self-harmed.

Since the May 2019 election, the Government has made it clear that it has no intention of ending this cruel and inhumane policy. This is despite PNG requesting the Manus detention centre to be closed immediately and NZ offering to take in people held offshore who have been found to be refugees.

On 22 July, Liberal MP Russell Broadbent was interviewed and stated that if people didn't want offshore detention anymore then they should write to the PM and write to their local MP. So this is what we hope you will do.

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Letter to Senator Jacqui Lambie: Do not repeal MedEvac legislation

28 June 2019

The MedEvac Law was passed in April 2019 to ensure that sick refugees in Nauru and PNG could get treatment in Australia unavailable where they were. The Morrison Government has falsely alleged the law would allow in criminals, but the law has not opened the floodgates to refugees or criminals.

Following the election, the Government wants to repeal the Bill. This is simply cruel and nasty. The Govement has the numbers now in the Lower House but needs support from the cross-bench in the Upper House. One Nation and Corey Bernardi are on board but Jacqiu Lambie has not made up her mind.


Please write to incoming Senator Lambie to encourage her to vote against repeal of the law. You may also want to email copies of the letter to leaders of both major parties and the cross-bench.

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Letter to Senate cross-bench: Block 3rd stage of tax cuts for high earners

24 June 2019

The Morrison Government will table tax cuts legislation in July 2019 as a priority. The plan has 3 parts: (1) a tax offset to benefit low and middle income earners from 2019-2022; (2) raising the 19% tax bracket threshold from $41,000 to $45,000 from 2022; and (30 flattening tax brackets from 2024 so those on $45,000 to $200,000 pay a marginal rate of 30%.

Labor has agreed to the first stage and is open to the second, but has resisted stage three because the benefits will likely flow to high-income earners. An Australia Institute analysis from May 2019 found that Stage 3 income tax cuts will overwhelmingly benefit high-income earners with over 50% of the benefit going to the top 20% of taxpayers.

The Government is refusing to split the tax package, holding hostage tax relief for poor and middle class people in order to pressure Labor and the cross-bench to vote through tax cuts for the wealthy. Write to the cross-bench and Labor leadership to hold firm, split the Bill and reject Stage 3.

“It is time to reconstruct relations between people and leaders – national and international. Time for leaders to listen and show that they care, about their own people and about the global stability and solidarity on which we all depend.”

- Hon Antonio Gueterres, United Nations Secretary-General