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Find your Member in the Upper House
Find your Member in the Senate

The Senate of the Australian Parliament is also known as the Upper House. Australia's Upper House is based on the US-model, which designates the Senate as the "States house". Instead of having one representative per electorate, with electorates all approximately covering the same size population, the Senate has an equal number of Senators per State. There are 76 senators in total, 12 from each of our six States and two each from the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. Senators are elected via one constituency which covers your entire State/territory.

The 12 Senators that represent your State will have an office at Parliament House, but they will also have an office somewhere in your State.  Their offices will likely be spread around, depending on where they personally come from. Click on the link below to find your Senators contact details.

Note: If you know the name of the Senator you want to write to, it is easy to guess their email address. Just type in "Senator", then full stop, then their last name, then "". For example, "".

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